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Humane Society
of the Ozarks

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The Humane Society of the Ozarks, Inc. (HSO) is a private, non-profit, tax exempt organization founded in 1946 that is dedicated to the humane treatment of animals and is funded by contributions from area individuals and businesses, grants, fundraising events, and by annual dues paid by its members. HSO Programs that sustain our mission include:   Low Cost Spay & Neuter Program; Emergency Outreach, Shelter & Rescue Outreach, Education Program, Cruelty Prevention, Adoption Awareness and Community Referrals.

The HSO will continue to work on building a more professional, fully functional web site.  In the interim, we have set up this site to provide a basic, informational resource for our organization.  Our most recent project -- helping animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina last fall -- has created the need for such a resource.

The Humane Society of the Ozarks worked in conjunction with the City of Fayetteville to operate a shelter for some of the animals affected by Katrina.  The shelter was run solely by volunteers, and we are extremely thankful for your support.  We reunited 14 dogs with their owners and adopted the remaining 16 cats and 9 dogs to wonderful homes.  Most of our adoptive homes were people who agreed to foster the animals during the approximately three-month period in which we tried to identify the animals' owners.  Many, many thanks to all for giving your time, money and your heart to these animals. 

If you would like to make donations to the HSO to support any of the HSO programs, you may call the HSO office at 479-444-PETS or select the PayPal button below.


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You may donate here to become a member of the HSO or to help with our efforts to promote humane treatment of animals, educate the public about responsible pet ownership or prevent cruelty to animals.

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